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Unity and Connection Related Links

For connection 7.1(3) and later a REST API for administration tasks is supported. The Developer support forums site has links to resources including support forums and samples related to CUPI/CUMI/CUNI or any of the REST APIs related to Connection. This WIKI site also has links to all the REST based API sites for provisioning (CUPI), messaging (CUMI) etc...

The CUPI .NET SDK  and CUPI For Users .NET SDK can help those using CUPI with .NET desktop applications get productive quickly providing a rapid framework for common tasks such as editing greetings, transfer options, voice names, setting PINs and passwords etc... full source code and training videos provided on the pages.

The ODBC .NET SDK Library can help those using ODBC with .NET desktop applciations get productive quickly and easily - this is the same library used by many of the tools provided on this web site. 

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Support Forums - If you have questions about Unity, Unity Connection, switch integrations, IP communication or the like, head out to the Net Pro Forums and post it there.  We work hard to get accurate answers to your questions quickly.  You can expect a reply in most cases in under 24 hours, usually much faster than that.  For questions on Unity or Unity Connection go to the Unified Communications Applications section under Collaboration, Voice and Video.

Documentation links - these links are where all the tech tips, white papers, unity docs, and all that good stuff can be found on the new site pages - everything's grouped together:

Unity Connection Documentation Link

Unity Documentation Link


Miscellaneous stuff you might find interesting

email me - comments on the site, suggestions for new tools, improvements to existing tools, whatever... the monkey loves email.  If you have questions about Unity, however, please try using the Unity Forum first before pinging me directly.