Cisco Unified Communication Tools


This page is a collection of Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Connection related tools.  Many of the tools out here are TAC and BU supported, however a few are not.  Those that are not TAC supported are clearly marked as such.  If a tool is not supported by TAC, it is a "use at your own risk" tool.  You can get help with these tools using the public forum (link below), or from the developers supporting the tools site but TAC will not assist you.


If you have questions about Unity or Connection in general, suggestions for the site, new tools or updates to existing ones, head out to the Unity Forum and post your request there.


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NOTE - As versions of Unity or Unity Connection go end of life and support, any tools running against those versions are also no longer supported by TAC.  They are left here for folks that want to use them but you will not recieve support on the tool from TAC

Site News

8/28/2017 - Starting updates for release of Connection 12.0

4/7/2017 - Updating tools that use HTTPS to older Connection versions to handle TLS/SSL restrictions imposed by Windows updates

11/1/2016 - Updating tools to use .NET 4.5 framework and providing work arounds for HTTPS logins to older Connection servers that do not support TLS

7/1/2016 - Updatating necessary tools for the 11.5 release of Unity Connection

1/4/2016 - Updating most used tools to support Windows 10, overhauling scheculing capabilities and email triggers for new platform

9/8/2015 - Added Unity Connection 11.0 material and version support to the site along with a new training page for the release.


Tool Update Log