Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Connection 8.0(1) Training Material

Version   N/A
Last Update   2/5/2010
Statistics   Noted for each download
Compatibility   Connection 8.0(1)
Support   TAC supported

All videos are self extracting EXEs that come bundled with an AVI player built in.  Simply download and run, the video will start playing automatically.  You shouldn't need to worry about audio/video codecs or finding a compatible player - it's all built in.

NOTE: These downloads redirect to an internal FTP site - you need to make sure your browser has passive FTP enabled for these downloads to work properly.

Subject Links

Connection to Connection Networking

Overview of Connection Networking PDF Document
Connection to Connection auto config Video
Connection to Connection manual config Video
Intersite Feeder troubleshooting Video
Intersite Messaging Configuration Video
Intersite Messaging Troubleshooting Video
Voice Network Map applet overvivew Video
Voice Network Map applet usage Video
Voice Network Map applet troubleshooting Video

Unity to Connection Networking

Unity to Connection Integration manual configuration Video
Inbound/Outbound messaging problems  
Cross Box Calls with Unity Video

Cross box live reply sample diag file

Cross box Unity to Connection transfer diag file

Cross box Connection to Unity transfer diag file
Cross box Connection to Unity logon diag file
Cross box Unity to Connection logon diag file
COBRAS "Hot Mode" migration of users Video
Copying public distribution lists from Unity to Connection. Video
Archived mailbox management tools (post migration) Video

Admin Changes

BulkEdit changes Video
Google custom searches Video
Show dependencies feature Video
Single point of administration Video
Show Technical Support Tool (STUC) Video

Power Point slides

Conversation Changes

Draft messages Video

Sample diag log
Message bookmarks Video

Sample diag log
Message recall Video
VUI feature changes Video

VUI Settings sample log

VUI message length playback sample log
Message aging rules Video

Setup and Platform

New Hardware Support Power Point slides

SpeechView (8.0(2))

Video - Feature overview
Video - Troubelshooting
PDF - Feature overview
PDF - Troubleshooting

Virtualization (8.0(2))

Power Point slides