Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Connection 7.0(1) Training Material

Version   N/A
Last Update   1/10/2009
Statistics   Noted for each download
Compatibility   Connection 7.0(1)
Support   TAC supported

All videos are self extracting EXEs that come bundled with an AVI player built in.  Simply download and run, the video will start playing automatically.  You shouldn't need to worry about audio/video codecs or finding a compatible player - it's all built in.

NOTE: These downloads redirect to an internal FTP site - you need to make sure your browser has passive FTP enabled for these downloads to work properly.

Subject Links
LDAP Directory Integration
Power Point Slides
Training Video- 7 meg, 13 minutes
Annotated Log file (CuCmDBEventLister diags)
Core Services  
Active Active Redundancy
Power Point Slides 

Training Video 1 - 22 meg, 21 minutes

Training Video 2 - 20 meg, 19 minutes

TUI.txt- Annotated log of a user listening to their meetings and joining one through the TUI.

VUI.txt - Shows some of the VUI-specific diags used in calendaring.

External Services Diagnostic Tool
Service Management
Power Point Slides
Training Video- 23 minutes, 17.5 minutes
Media Changes for 7.0
Training Video 34 meg, 27 minutes
DeSCA (per device conversation customization options)
Power Point Slides
DeSCALog.txt- Annotated log that points out where device settings are checked for during authentication and where they are initially loaded.

NamedProps.doc- Tables that show what setting the named props you see in the logs actually map to.

LogonFromOpeningGreeting.txt - Annotated log stepping through the authentication process of a caller signing from the Opening Greeting by pressing [*].

AuthenticationFailures.txt- Annotated logs of some of the possible failures that could be seen during authentication.

Fax Support
Power Point Slides 

unityconnection70_fax_1.exe - 6 meg, 6 minutes.  Video covering a few Cisco Fax Server configuration details in order to work with Connection.

unityconnection70_fax_2.exe - 8 meg, 8 minutes. Video covering Connection configuration details on setting up a fax integration, and how to send a test fax from the fax server with FaxUtil.

unityconnection70_fax_3.exe - 19 meg, 16 minutes. Video covering advanced fax settings, receipts, and what a fax message should look like.

FaxDiag.txt - Diags that show a message being sent to a fax machine over the TUI.

Cross Box Transfers
Personal Call Transfer Rules changes
Training Video - 14 meg, 9.5 minutes

Log File Output

Future Messages
Addressing Priority Lists (aka buddy lists or most recently used lists)
Return Call, Live Reply and Alternate Contact Number changes
Dispatch Messages
IMAP Mailstore Access changes
Route from Next Rule (i.e. setup "snow day" call flow scenarios and the like) Power Point Slides
Customizable Subject Lines
Voice User Interface (Speech Recognition)  
Name Lookup Handler Changes for ASR Power Point Slides
VUI (ASR) Troubleshooting
Messaging and Directory  
Search Spaces and Partitions (support for overlapping numbering plans and tenant scenarios)
Digital Networking
Messaging Redundancy
Client Enhancements (IMAP + VMO)
Install and Upgrade
Disaster Recovery Scripts
Port Status Monitor Tool Home Page
COBRAS (object based backup and restore app) Tool Home Page
User Data Dump Tool Home Page
Distribution List Builder Tool Home Page
CUDLI (Database Explorer) Tool Home Page
Port Usage Analyzer Report tool Tool Home Page